Cognitive Content Strategy

Understand | Create | Deliver 

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Understand Audience and Market Trends

Detect Audience and Market Trends with Wripl's advanced Machine Learning Technology. React to upcoming Content Trends and keep your Audience engaged.


Know What to Publish

Empower your Content Strategy with the needs and demands of your Audience. Work with a network of professional writers and advanced AI supported Editors resulting in higher Content Engagement and Conversion.   


Know What to Deliver  

Publish and Deliver your Content with the needs of the Audience in mind.    


  • Cognitive Content Strategy Workshop #3

    Become part of an exciting new community focused on Cognitive Content Strategies.

    Location: Bank Of Ireland Trinity College Dublin.
    Time: 5:30

    Click to register!

  • Predict Conference Dublin - Speaker

    CEO Kevin Koidl speaking at Predict Dublin 2016 about Predicting Content Trends with Cognitive Content Technology
  • Semantic Web in Libraries

    CEO Kevin Koidl speaking at Semantic Web in Libraries in Bonn Germany about using Wripl's Cognitive Content Technologies to predict what to digitize next.