Case Studies


The travel industry depends heavily on knowing what the audience is interested in. This includes knowing what content trends are on the horizon and ensuring that the content strategy addresses these trends.    

Wripl Technology is used in the travel industry to identify trends on websites via understanding the underlying topics the web is talking about. This is done by using sophisticated web listening technology in combination with Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics.  

 Wripl deploys a unique three step approach 

1) Understand your Audience  

In this first step, we empower our customers to understand what Topics different audiences are interested in. This is done by analysing internal and external websites via Machine Learning based Topic extraction and Behaviour analysis. The outcome is a trained model that identify new content trends to ensure nothing is missed. 


2) Create 

 Based on the in-depth understand of audience interests and market trends we support customers to create the right content with the right topics via a network of professional writers and AI advanced content creation tools. 


3) Deliver and Measure

In a final step, we ensure the created content is both measured toward engagement related KPIs and delivered to the right audience based on our AI enhanced Content Delivery System.