Product Features

Wripl Products include a number of state of the art research and technology. Following a description of features and their application.

.Content_Delivery Recommend the right content to the right user. We the topic of the content with the deep interest of your audience.
.Content_Topic_Detection  Identify what topics your Audience is interested in and know where your Audience is coming from. The result is a deep knowlegde of Topic interest per market.
.Content_Topic_Prediction Predict what content topics your Audience wants to read about by using Wripls smart Topic Analytics.
.Tought_Leader_Detection We can help you detect thought leaders in your market and identify what topics they are writing about.
.Content_Strategy_Detection Super charge your Content Strategy by understanding how your competitor is targeting different markets with different content strategies. 
.Competitor_Content_Monitoring Get alerts every time your competition is posting new content and track topics across your market.
.Audience_Segmentation Segment your Audience into different Profiles based on topic interest and behaviour.
.Content_Production_Prioritisation Understand what to write about next to attract tagret audience and know what to write about next.
.Digitisation_Prediction Know what to digitise next based on the topic interest of your Audience.
.Advanced_Semantic_SEO Rank higher in SEO by adding the right semantic labels to your content. We can help you identify the labels and assist you creating an automatic process.
.Audience_Engagement  Identify what topics your Audience is engaging on and how long they are engaging.
.Brand_And_Product_Detection  Detect if someone on the web is mentioning your product or brand and detect what the setement is.
.Competition_Social_Media_Engagement_Detection Detect how socially engaging your competitions social media engagement is.