Carleton University: Mental Health Resources

Many of my close friends struggle with mental illness in different ways. Often an extremely taboo topic, mental health has been discussed more in recent years than ever before; this is for good reason, too. Did you know that 1 in 3 Canadians are affected by a mental illness in their lifetime? Mental illness can be an extremely challenging and isolating battle. Today there are more resources than ever before to help people from all walks of life seek help, regardless of what they can afford. In this article, we will list mental health resources available for all Carleton University students. While targeted at Carleton students, this list will have some mental health resources for all Ottawa residents. 

Let’s get into it! 

1. The Walk-In Counselling Clinic

Available for all residents of Ottawa, the Walk-In Counselling Clinic offers free single-session counselling services by trained professional counsellors with no appointment necessary. The clinic has many different locations across the Ottawa Region and offers services in many different languages. Be sure to check the website to find a specific location’s clinic hours, phone number, and languages offered. The counselling sessions are approximately an hour and a half in length and catered to an individual’s specific need; some people may need to be pointed in the direction of other resources, while for others, one session is enough. If an in-person counselling session is not an option for you, virtual sessions are also available. 

2. Carleton Wellness Services

Carleton University students all have access to a variety of tools and resources to help them through school. The university offers counselling services for all students in the form of both in-person and virtual appointments. The services are extremely varied and are designed for all students, whether they are doing well mentally and are looking for resources to maintain well-being or for students who are seriously struggling and are in urgent need of counselling. The university also offers services designed for dealing with substance abuse and resources related to spirituality for all faiths.  

3. Empower Me

Empower Me is a confidential support service available to all Carleton Undergrad students provided through CUSA (Carleton University Students’ Association). It is available all day, every day, all year. Empower Me is both virtual and in-person; it is a service designed to connect professionals of many different areas with students. It is a resource for everyone, regardless of their gender, faith, or culture. Empower Me can help students with anything from depression and anxiety to financial planning. “No issue is too big or too small”. 

University is a difficult journey, but thankfully you are not alone. This article has listed several possible ways for Carleton students to find the help that they need, whether related to academics or life as a whole. Please write to us with feedback as we use your comments, concerns, and criticisms to build our blog!

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